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Homestall Road Sports Ground Olympic Legacy Project - Consultation meeting on 14th March

Here's a quick update on the Olympic Legacy Project to improve the sports facilities at Homestall Road Sports Ground, including news of a consultation meeting this Thursday.  This is a project aimed at improving facilities for kids wanting to get involved in football in the local area.  The funding has been arranged and allocated by Southwark's Labour Council, in consultation with Athenlay Football Club and the local community.

With regard to the grass pitches, the works to improve the drainage and quality of the grass pitches were completed in August 2012. The new grass has established well and which means that in September 2013 footballers will have a safe and level playing field. The upgrade of the grass pitches will mean that a much wider area can be used for football. 
One of the concerns raised with us by local residents was the closeness of one of the pitches to their garden fences.  To address this the pitches will be re-configured to ensure that they are marked out a…