18 October 2009

Labour's latest weekend out in Peckham Rye . . .

I've just come in from another weekend spent out in the ward, talking to residents in Peckham Rye, and what a great weekend it was. A total of 33 Labour members came out to help knock on doors and speak to people in Peckham Rye Ward about how they feel about the services they are recieving from the Lib Dem controlled council.

Labour activists were also collecting signatures for our petition calling on the council to meet their responsibility to bring social housing in the borough up to a "decent" standard. Under Government set standards the council is supposed to make sure their housing stock is “warm, weatherproof and [has] reasonably modern facilities” by 2010. The Lib Dems had promised to go further than the decent homes standard at the last local elections in Southwark. True to form, they now tell us that they have a £700 million hole in their maintenance budget.

Of the hundreds of residents we spoke to today, most were outraged at hearing about the funding crisis. We will make sure that these views are taken to the council so that the Lib Dems get an idea of how angry Peckham Rye residents are about this issue.

Fiona Colley and Claudia Reid out and about in Peckham Rye

Talking to residents about about the Lib Dems failure to provide decent homes in Southwark

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