10 October 2009

Stop the sell-off of our community buildings

One of issues that we are campaigning hardest on is the shutting down of community facilities in the Peckham Rye area. In recent months Southwark's Lib Dem controlled council have closed Nunhead Community Centre and Peckham Rye toilet facilities, without providing any alternatives.

The Lib Dems even tried to let out the toilet facilities to a private company without even checking if they had a right to do so. The toilets are based on common land. We want to see the building kept for community use.

At a time when local community groups are in desperate need of space and facilities, it is just madness to be shutting down facilities and selling them off. Peckham needs a council that will support its community, not one that is always looking to make money out of it.

Keep an eye on this blog for more news on the campaign to save our community facilities.

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