18 November 2009

Recycling in Southwark - 6th worst in England

Under the control of Liberal Democrat councillors, Southwark council has officially become the 6th worst council in England for recycling it’s rubbish. New figures released by the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs have brought the incredible news that Southwark has dropped in the national league table of councils from 10th worst to 6th worst. That means there are now 388 local authorities in England who do a better job of recycling than Southwark.

The council’s woeful performance on this issue is bringing national attentionto our part of south London. An inner London council with a population which is desperate to see more of their waste recycled is being seriously let down by the ruling parties.

When they took charge of Southwark in 2002, the Lib Dems promised to increase the borough’s recycling rate to 30% by 2010. Not only have they failed to meet that promise, but when compared to the rest of the country, they have actually taken the council backwards.

Recycling rates in Labour Lambeth have doubled in recent years. The council there has introduced kerbside collections for Tetra Pak cartons and single bag recycling. If they can do it, why can’t Southwark?

Recycling, re-using and reducing the resources we use is a crucial part of the battle against climate change and the stewardship of our environment. People have a right to expect leadership from their local authority on this issue and right now we are not getting it.

Clearly the politicians who currently run Southwark do not take recycling seriously. It appears that the only way to boost recycling in our borough is to get a change at the top in the Town Hall.

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