16 December 2009

Ivydale Road - update on the chaos... which will reach Peckham Rye but not until Feb 2010

Many residents (including myself) have been trying to find out what's going on with the traffic calming measures on Ivydale Road, Nunhead. Back in November I blogged on news that work had started between St Asaph's Road and Athenlay Road (Nunhead ward) and that residents who lived beyond this (Peckham Rye) ward should expect work to start around 30th November although the council would write to us first.

However no letters have been received by residents who live on this bit of Ivydale (including myself) and when a written statement from the Council, presented at Community Council on 9th December, declared that work had started on the 30th November it was clear that things were going a little awry!

I've been in regular touch with Cllr Fiona Colley of Nunhead ward about this as I was particularly concerned about what was happening with the 343 and 484 buses that many locals are reliant on. I've heard from her today about the chaos that is reining on the Nunhead end of Ivydale Road where works have started.

She's received huge numbers of complaints about the terrible communications regarding the closures, parking restrictions and bus diversions. Many residents are under threat of having their cars lifted if they get in the way of the works (and then being charged for it!) yet no one has told them what's going on.

Fiona's blogged today about the problems and her attempts to get hold of Lib Dem Cllr Paul Kyriacou (the Executive Member for Transport) who it turns out is away for three weeks leaving an out of office that unhelpfully only suggests an alternative contact for issues in South Bermondsey...

However Fiona has managed to meet with Highways Officers today and reports that they agree information has been poor and they are writing a new letter to be hand delivered over the next couple of days.

The road works will stop for two weeks over Christmas with Ivydale totally reopened from Friday 18th Dec evening until Tuesday 5th Jan. Works on the section from the junction with Linden Grove to Athenlay Road are expected to be finished by 20th February. Only then will work start on the section from Athenlay Road to Cheltenham Road.

The Highways officer are having meetings with TfL about bus diversions but no firm decisions about the 343 or 484 are expected in the near future.

** Watch this space for further updates **

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