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Peckham Rye - 'central area' options

Local residents and blog readers may remember previous posts about the plans for what Southwark Council calls the 'central area' of Peckham Rye - essentially the area around the cafe near where the Common and Park meet.

In summary a new One O'Clock club is planned, as is a natural play area. New changing facilities will follow although funding for these is still to be secured.

Last Wednesday, like many other locals, I turned up at the cafe to see the initial plans. I'm not sure what had happened but because the cafe wasn't open the meeting could not go ahead. I've subsequently been sent the plans. I was expecting a little more detail on what the new buildings and development might look like but below are the two options currently being proposed. They are are really just an overview of how facilities might be laid out.

I've emailed the council to find out when the meeting might now take place - the drawings are helpful but I think we all need to know a little bit more and chat to the architects before it's possible to really work out which scheme will work best.

OPTION 1 (click on the picture below and it will enlarge)
Cafe Area
- Car park reconstructed as a green car park.
- Removal of path which currently runs behind the temporary changing rooms (Strakers Road).
- One O'Clock Club remains in existing location but in a new building.
- The new natural play area will be combined with the current play area for the One O'clock Club. This will be fenced off when the One O'Clock club is in operation but then opened when the club is closed so that there is one larger play space.
- The changing rooms will be relocated to where the existing silt mound stands.
- There will be a small car park for the changing rooms and the recycling centre will be located here.
- There be be a new path leading from the cafe into the park.
Homestall Road & Other Sports Facilities
- The football pitches in Peckham Rye Park will be reconfigured so that more pitches are provided.
- Homestall Road will have one all weather pitch and three mini pitches.
- There will be car parking and new changing room facilities at Homestall Road.

OPTION 2 (again click the picture to see the detail)
The great majority of the changes outlined in Option 1 will made. The major difference is that the main car park is moved to the silt mound area and the changing rooms (complete with a small car park), rather than being relocated here, would instead be be relocated to the current park maintenance facility. This would mean that the current car park would be be grassed over and be part of the Common again.

The council officer working on the project tells me that both options will increase the amount of green space provided within the Common. The idea behind a combined play area is that it reduces the amount of play facilities spread throughout the Park and Common - I guess opinions of this will vary depending on where you live, which bits of the Park and Common you use and whether you have children or not.

So, what do you think? Do you have a preferred option or do you have any improvements you'd like to make to either option?

As soon as I know any more about the rearranged meeting I'll post details here.


  1. Would like cafe picnic area to be fenced off/gated and to have a little climbing frame or similar.


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