2 December 2009

Some candidates are more local than others . . .

Cheeky, I admit, but we’ve decided to make an offer to our Lib Dem opponents in Peckham Rye.

Some of the recent statements made by Lib Dems standing in this ward for the council elections have been a little wacky to say the least. They seem determined to steer clear of the issues and their local newsletters routinely deny any responsibility for running Southwark council for the past 7 ½ years.

We thought that maybe their refusal to talk about the concerns of local people (such as the allocation of primary school places, the hole in the housing maintenance budget and the council’s poor recycling record) might be down to the distance they live from the ward. You see, none of them live in Peckham Rye and two of the three live a twenty minute bus ride away. Maybe they’re having trouble getting over to our part of Southwark? Maybe the recent rain and cold weather has been putting them off making the trip?

It’s relatively easy for us to talk to people in Peckham Rye because they’re our neighbours. Not exactly fair is it? So we thought we’d offer to pay the Liberal’s bus fare for them. If any of the Lib Dems not-so-local candidates would like to get in touch with us, we’ll gladly top up their Oyster cards to help them get back in touch with local residents.

Obviously, this touching act of cross-partisanship has nothing to do with highlighting the fact that Peckham Rye Lib Dems live miles away from Peckham Rye!

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