19 January 2010

East London Line nears completion...

Could Honor Oak Park become a travel gateway for residents, should the 63 bus route be extended?

The East London line extension is one step closer to opening after the line’s construction site was handed over to Transport for London yesterday.

I'm an occassional user of both Brockley and Honor Oak Park stations so have been following the East London Line extension plans with interest. Who knows, if the 63 bus route is extended to Honor Oak Park station, maybe Peckham Rye residents will become regular users of the new line...

TfL are currently hoping that a limited four trains per hour service will begin from New Cross and New Cross Gate to Dalston Junction from 4 April. A full service would then begin along the whole line from 23 May.

The next few months will see TfL trainning staff, installing ticket machines in stations and running final tests on the line and trains as well as conducting emergency drills. Any problems could push the launch dates back.

A spokesman from TfL said, “We have now entered the final stages in the development. Stations along the line require finishing touches.”

(With thanks to the excellent Brockley Central and East London Lines blogs for bringing this latest news to our attention)

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