16 March 2010

£20,000 to tidy up Forest Hill Road

We were delighted to learn at tonight's community council that £20,000 'Cleaner , Greener, Safer' money has been allocated to tidy up and improve Forest Hill Road between St Aidans Road and Ryedale.

Victoria submitted an application for this scheme based on suggestions made by a number of local people. Thanks to all those people who added their names to the petition to improve Forest Hill Road - the strength of community feeling that was made so clear helped to secure this cash.

If you didn't read the earlier post about Victoria's bid, these are some of the highlights of the work which will now be carried out:-
- the street will be tidied and payments repaired
- the old rusty bollards will be replaced
- proper designated areas will be created for bins
- some planting
- And finally, if there's enough cash, the electrical sub-station between Dunstans Road and St Aidens's Road will be repainted and the bench repaired.

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