8 March 2010

Ivydale Road traffic calming... the saga goes on... and on...

Back in December, Ivydale Road residents received this letter telling us that the traffic calming works on Ivydale Road, between Linden Grove and Athenlay Road, would finish around 20th February - which they pretty much did.

The same letter warned those of us (including me) that live on Ivydale Road between the junction of Athenlay Road and Cheltenham Road that we could expect work on traffic calming measures (to this stretch of road) to commence soon after that date.

The latest news I have is that the council still need to meet with the bus operators to agree diversions for the 484 and 343 buses (and possibly a very small diversion for the P12) before the works can continue. This is a little frustrating. The council will have been aware for some months that a diversion was needed. In December the council acknowledged that this meeting about buses was needed in time for the next phase of works to start in late February. They also acknowledged that the P12 diversion (that took place from November - February) was badly communicated and chaotic. All the more reason to get the 343 and 484 diversions organised.

So the latest news is no news! However, the council have reassured me that residents will be notified of the commencement of works and timetable for completion, details of the bus diversions and also where you can park your car, by letter, at least seven days in advance of any work starting. Watch this space...

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