5 March 2010

Peckham Rye Lib Dem housing failure makes front page news!

Angela shows us the terrible state the council left her bathroom in - for 7 weeks!
Gavin, Renata and I were horrified to find that council tenants in Rye Hill Park have been left without a bathroom for almost two months. James Finn , 71, Angela Harrington, 28 and Giulia Harrington, 59 have had to wash in bowls and in the kitchen sink after the council ripped out their bathroom but didn't seem in any rush to replace it!

What we found was really upsetting, especially as James suffers from a heart problem and has difficulty getting around. For this very reason the council had proposed that they install a shower in the flat, yet seven weeks after ripping out the old bathroom the council still hadn't returned to finish the job. The council had also ignored all contact from James, Angela and Giulia.
Once we'd brought this to the council's attention and got the story on the front page of Southwark News, miraculously the council decided they would sort this problem out. But it shouldn't be this way! The council can't leave tenants, especially ones who are unwell and vulnerable, to live like this.

Labour has set out a 6 point plan to tackle the Lib Dems' housing failure. You can read about our different approach here.

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