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Change at the Ivy House

Thanks to the excellent Nunhead Forum for information on the changes taking place at the Ivy House on Stuart Road.

I've been here a few times to watch the footie and it's a very friendly if slightly cavernous pub that is a little the worse for wear. It seems like it's potential as both a pub and a venue has now being spotted and redevelopment is now afoot. This is great news as I'm keen that our area retains its pubs as sometimes it's nice not to have to wander too far from Ivydale Road.

The pub's recent closure and the skip outside provided clues that something was going on and it seems that the owners of The Alma in Crystal Palace are taking over the Ivy House. A quick look at their website seems to indicate they have made The Alma into a vibrant local pub with nice food, bar games, a market in the garden(?!) and that they also have TVs showing the sport. I'm not a huge fan of locals becoming expensive gastro pubs and The Alma does look like they have managed to strike a nice balance - I hope that's what will happen here in Nunhead.

The only slightly puzzling bit of information from the Nunhead Forum is that the Ivy House might only be opening for gigs rather than as a local boozer too - seems a shame but perhaps I've misunderstood.

There will be a promoters night on 29th April, the 'Pull the Other One' comedy night will continue and the next one will be the 30th April and then there will be a big opening party on 1st May.


  1. Well things have moved on a bit since then. New people in charge and at the moment they've struck a perfect balance of boozer (good food, decent beer) and venue. Any "pay-for" event is strictly in the large back bars and the front bar stays open and free for the regular punters. Becoming very popular with dog walkers I note!


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