9 April 2010

Extend the 63 Campaign Latest

Thanks to all those who have been emailing Boris through the blog asking him to extend the 63 bus to Honor Oak Park station. If you haven't already done so, you can add your voice to the campaign by simply clicking here. Please do change the text if you want to make the email more personal.

Today we've received a new response to our campaign from TfL about the campaign. It again stresses that only around a quarter of the extra costs involved in extending the route (whilst maintaining the frequency) would be recouped by the extension. This is not considered a high enough return to be a good use of the bus subsidy especially at a time when the subsidy is being reduced (by Boris...)

However it's clear that TfL are now sensing the pressure from local residents so a final push is needed. Please send that email or send a message to Boris by signing one of our campaign postcards.

TfL are committed to monitoring the effects of the East London Line extension on local bus demand. So, as long as we ensure our campaigning continues beyond the election, we may be able to show the clear desire from the Peckham Rye, Honor Oak and East Dulwich area for the extension.

1 comment:

  1. Why would TfL pay for this when the East London Line will stop at Peckham Rye from 2012, which is already on the 63 route?