21 April 2010

A link to make you think . . .

We normally post links to other blogs via Twitter, but I thought I'd give this one extra prominence with a post. Anyone wanting a quick run-down of the failings of the Lib Dem-Tory alliance in Southwark since 2002 should take a look at Peter John's blog here.

I'll repeat his list here in any case:

1. We now have the worst run council in inner-London. That's not just my verdict, it is the verdict of the Audit Commission.
2. We have the 3rd worst council tax collection rate in the country - over £7 million goes uncollected each year. In the rest of the country they would collect at least another £5 million!
3. Our recycling rate is the 6th worst in the country. See the story below!
4. Our adult social care service has fallen from an excellent rating to being one of the 8 worst in the country - again, not just my view, but the view of the independent CQC watchdog.
5. Our housing service has been red flagged by the Audit Commission - they don't think the council is capable of bringing our council housing up to an acceptable standard with the plans currently in place. This is a truly damning indictment for the second largest landlord in the country - with 18,000 unfit homes.
6. We have the highest levels of childhood obesity in England.

If you're looking for a positive alternative take a look at Southwark Labour's manifesto here.

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