15 April 2010

Peckham Rye Park & Common development - compare the manifestos

For people concerned about the new natural play area, the new One O'Clock Club and changing facilities on Peckham Rye, it's worth taking a look at the respective Southwark Labour and Lib Dem manifestos and making a comparison. The plans for new facilities have crept along at a snails pace under the Lib Dem-Tory council, leaving residents of Peckham Rye wondering what was happening and if the scheme was at risk.

As local Labour candidates we have ensured that the Southwark Labour's manifesto included a commitment to "turn the plans for a new One O'Clock Club and changing rooms and pitches for local teams into a reality." This means that if residents of Southwark elect a Labour council, we guarantee that this too-long-delayed redevelopment with actually be delivered.

So when the the Southwark Lib Dem Manifesto was published the other day, I was extremely surprised to see there was no reference whatsoever to the new One O'Clock Club, the natural play area or the changing rooms. Given the low priority that they have given the project during their time in charge, this is hardly surprising, but does show that under a Lib Dem council the development is under risk of being dropped.

The money allocated for the natural play area must be spent by March 2011. Last year the council declared that the ageing One O'Clock Club building would come to the end of its life by July 2010. The new facilities and pitches for sports clubs on the park and Homestall Road need a sizable commitment of funding and energy to drive the project forward. Only Labour has made the right promise to our area on this project. It's like the Lib Dems and Tories didn't notice the big green area in the middle of our ward!