19 April 2010

Some candidates are more local than others...

Home sweet home in Peckham Rye

All the Peckham Rye Labour candidates live locally and we have all been involved in a variety of community groups for some time. As I tell many people on the doorstep, I would never have dreamed of standing to be a councillor had it not been clear to me how much the Lib Dems and Tories were failing our part of Southwark.

Fighting Peckham Rye ward is very personal for me - it's about making sure that the services me, my family and my neighbours rely on are high quality and that we work hard to ensure that the most vulnerable in Peckham Rye get a better deal than they do at present.

Meanwhile the Lib Dems and Tories couldn't find a single local person to represent them, instead parachuting in candidates from Camberwell and elsewhere in the borough who presumably are interested in propping up their colleagues in the Town Hall rather than in standing up for their own community.

The local choice on 6th May is Labour.

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