11 April 2010

Southwark Labour's pledges for improving the environment

We all know that Southwark council has the 6th worst recycling rate in the country and has a generally terrible record on environmental issues. But we're fully aware that it's not enough for Labour candidates in Southwark to just point at the inadequacies of the Lib Dem-Tory Coalition.

That's why I'm setting out Southwark Labour's pledges for improving the environment. These are the green policies which will be delivered if enough Labour councillors are elected on May 6th:

- Labour will double the recycling rate in our borough

- We will introduce combined heat power for our heating systems , and conduct a full green audit of the council's energy use by 2010.

- We will create a publicly available register of tree protection orders in the borough.

- Labour will reopen two air quality test stations that Lib Dems and Tories inexplicably shut down.

- Where possible, we will open up green spaces on vacant land

- We will introduce cycle parking on our estates, to encourage people to use bicycles.

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