2 June 2010

A day in the life of a Peckham Rye councillor...

As a new councillor I'm just about starting to get into a routine of council work and meetings and my ongoing life working at South Bank university and as a Peckham Rye resident.

I've just got back from a Community Council planning meeting and similar meeting seem to take place about once a week - sometimes it will be council assembly other times a scrutiny committee (I'm on Health and Social Care) or tomorrow morning I've got a meeting with officers to agree the agenda for the Community Council meeting taking place on 21 June.

There is also a whole host of training sessions for new councillors to attend from planning to IT to a chance to meet the Corporate Management Team (all these have been done in the last few days).

I've also submitted a whole host of queries to officers in the last week on primary school places, Ivydale traffic calming, a variety of planning and licensing applications and I'm finally getting to grips with who I should contact about what.

I'm also delighted that we will get a briefing from officers on the Peckham Rye Park and Common development in the next week.

Finally we are making plans for 'mobile' surgeries in Peckham Rye ward (more on this to follow...) but in the mean time you can pop along to the Rye Hill Park Tenants' Hall this Friday from 6.30pm until 7.30pm to speak to your councillors about any concerns or problems you have.


  1. A fixed place for a surgery is good. Nothing wrong with a mobile one as well. But they remember where you are and come back the same time months later.

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