4 September 2010

Update from Community Safety Ward Panel meeting

A local resident recently posted on our "Peckham Rye News" Facebook Page asking for an update from the latest Community Safety ward panel meeting. I thought our blog readers might also like to see the response, so I've copied and pasted it below:

"The local police team gave an update on their work. They have been particularly focusing on the crime and anti-social behaviour being committed by a small number of individuals in the Peckham Rye area. Their work on this over the summer seems to have been very succesful.

There was also some discussion on the issue of dangerous dogs. The police explained that they will act whenever they have reports of people failing to control their dogs or of dogs posing a danger to the public.

There have been a small number of burglaries in the area over the last month or so, and the police gave their view that these were opportunistic. They emphasised the importance of locking doors and windows to avoid this kind of break in. On the whole though, they said crime and anti-social behaviour in Peckham Rye is generally low. Finally, there was some discussion of the threat to having a local police team at all.

Due to Government cuts there is a possibility that their area may be extended, which means that they will be less able to do the kind of preventative work that has been so successful in Peckham Rye. I should stress there are no firm plans to make changes yet. I have offered the assistance of all the Peckham Rye Councillors if we need to run a campaign to protect our local police team."

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