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Ivydale/Cheltenham Road surface and bus issues - meeting on the 10th February

As mentioned in the post below, finding a solution to the issues the road surface and speed of buses on Cheltenham and Ivydale Roads is a top priority for people in that area. Numerous people have contacted us about this issue.

As you will see from posts here, here and here – this has been a long running issue.

This is now on the agenda for the Nunhead and Peckham Rye Traffic and Transport Sub-Committee meeting taking place at 6.30pm on the 10th February at Southwark Town Hall, 35 Peckham Road SE5 8UB, Room B.

If you're concerned about this issue, do come along to discuss it and help us to agree a way to resolve these issues.

In the interests of openness and clarity, I should declare a personal interest in this issue: I am a resident of Ivydale Road myself. As Chair of the Committee it may be that I will need to "stand down" for this item. I'll be consulting with council officers to clarify if I need to do this.


  1. Here is a prime example of TFL's apparent unwillingness to address the issues of residents local to Cheltenham and Ivydale Roads with regards to how the 343 and 484 buses affect our quality of life.

    This is a letter received by an Ivydale resident.

    Our Ref: HK/T335/Stage4/0111
    31 January 2011
    Dear Stakeholder
    Routes 47, N47, 343 and N343
    We wrote to you in October 2010 regarding bus services that we would be reviewing over a 6 month period. We have carefully considered all responses received and are providing you with the final outcome of the review.
    New contracts for routes 47 and N47 have been re-awarded to Selkent and will start in January 2011. Contracts for routes 343 and N343 were retained by Abellio and will start in February 2011.
    We are not making any changes to route 47 or N47.
    Route 343 is going to have an increased frequency Monday to Friday peak times so there will be a bus every 6 minutes with an extra journey in the AM peak towards City Hall. Currently there is a bus every 6 to 7 minutes with two extra journeys in the AM peak towards City Hall.
    We will continue to work with London Borough of Lewisham in regards to finding an alternative stand to one currently situated in Jerningham Road for the route 343. There is at the moment no cost effective alternative to the stand in Jerningham Road and therefore we do not foresee any changes during the length of the contract that is due to start in February 2011.
    Route N343 will stand on New Cross Road near the bus garage. This location would result in the N343 not picking up passengers in Jerningham Road at the start of its current route. The first stop will be on New Cross Road instead. The route will still serve Jerningham Road on arrival at New Cross and the last alighting point will not change. There is some design work to do at the new location so the date for the change is April 2011. We are not proposing any changes to the frequency of this service.
    During the consultation exercise some residents contacted us regarding concerns about buses causing damage to their property. We appreciate that some of the damage described in some emails must be worrying for the residents but all reliable evidence does not support the view that buses havecaused the damage. Buildings can be subject to vibration from a number of different sources.
    This letter is part of the process which fulfils the requirement for TfL to consult under Section 183 of the Greater London Authority Act 1999.
    Yours sincerely
    Gary Murphy
    Consultation and Engagement Centre
    Transport for London


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