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Ivydale, Cheltenham and Merttins Road meeting report

Tonight we hosted a meeting of concerned local residents living on Ivydale, Cheltenham and Merttins Roads. Residents are very concerned about the shuddering caused to their homes by the 343 buses which drive (often too fast) down these residential roads. There are also major problems with the road surface and the quality of the traffic calming measures.

Below is a list of actions agreed at the meeting.


1. Setting up a community speed watch scheme to report speeding buses
Gavin has been in touch with the local police team to request Community Speed Watch Equipment. Currently awaiting a response from the police team Sergeant. A number of people at the meeting expressed their willingness to volunteer to help with the scheme when it is set up. Action: Gavin to update residents regarding to response to request. Action: Vikki to request from TfL/Abeillo information on what evidence is required in order for action to be taken against speeding bus drivers.

2. Letter to the Mayor, Boris Johnson, regarding buses concerns raised at the meeting. A draft of the letter was distributed. Various comments and suggested changes were made. This included additional community suggestions about changes to the bus services. Action: Gavin to make changes suggested and send letter to Boris Johnson.

3. Letter to the Southwark Council Cabinet Members for Transport and Environment, and Finance about the capital funding needed to improve roads. Vikki has already written to the two cabinet members making the case for funding the work. Action: Individual residents may also want to write individually to the Cabinet Members to make the case for re-surfacing. Contact details can be found here:

4. Councillors to contact the Police Safer Neighbourhood Team about making reduction of speed on Ivydale, Cheltenham and Merttins Roads a priority. Renata gave an update from the last ward panel meeting. Police Officers had given a number of reasons why it was difficult for them to deal with this issue. Action: As many Ivydale, Merttins and Cheltenham Road residents as possible to attend the next ward Panel meeting on 19th May at 7.00pm at Rye Hill Park TRA.

5. London Assembly Member, Val Shawcross will circulate details of a forthcoming meeting on the 343 bus. Action: Gavin to chase

Other actions agreed:

- Gavin to ask Val Shawcross to request the information on the number of accidents/incidents caused by 343 buses on this stretch of the route.

- Gavin to ask 5 residents who gave their email addresses at last meeting if it’s OK to share them with others on the campaign

- Cllrs to look into existing 106 money that might exist following developments in the Ivydale area and also at how 106 money might be designated from forthcoming developments.

- Kirk circulated a draft survey (the aim of which is help get an agreed position on traffic calming and buses.) Various changes were suggested. Kirk to circulate the survey so that a final version can be agreed

- Dates and times for delivering surveys/knocking on doors to be suggested and agreed – probably best via the email group.

- David Wilson volunteered to be the link person for Cheltenham Road which will have a slightly different version of the survey.

- Following the meeting, Vikki spoke to former cllr Mick Barnard about some of the references to him made at the meeting. He confirmed that there had been plans to reroute the P12 down Kelvington and Ivydale Road but that the focus had been more the potential loss of any bus service to Brenchley Gardens Estate residents. As a result cllrs will use additional services for Brenchley Gardens as a ‘postive’ outcome when asking Boris/Tfl to investigate alternative options on bus services on Ivydale Road. Mick Barnard also confirmed that there had been, in his view, relatively firm commitments that Cheltenham Road would get resurfaced around 2002-2003. Vikki will chase details of this with officers and endeavour to find out why this promise wasn’t delievered on.


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