17 March 2011

Community Speed Watch: Ivydale, Cheltenham and Merttins Roads

Do you live on Ivydale Road, Cheltenham Road or Merttins Road? Are you concerned about the speed of traffic (and in particular buses) on our residential roads? Then you now have the chance to get directly involved in sorting out the problem.

Back in February a number of residents of these roads came along to a local traffic sub group to voice their concern about the speed of buses travelling along their roads. (For the record, Victoria and I live on Ivydale Road too). The speed of the buses is a contributory factor in causing vibration to the homes of people living in this area. To be fair, the route the buses take, the quality of the road surfaces and traffic calming measures are also major concerns. But for now, let's stick with the speed of the buses...

One local campaigner suggested that we start a "Community Speed Watch" scheme to encourage drivers to stay within the speed limit. A scheme like this, I learned, involves the police lending residents speed monitoring equipment and local volunteers using the equipment. This information is then passed back to the police.

Since that meeting Renata and I have been in touch with the local police team, who have been very helpful. They've said they're prepared to lend us the equipment and take the time to train volunteers on how to use it.

The training would take place on a Saturday morning at a Police station in Southwark starting at 10am and lasting about two hours. The earliest the training could take place would be late April.

So, I'll finally get to the point: Can you help?

If live on these roads, and you're prepared to be one of the Community Speed Watch volunteers, let me know and I'll let you know what happens next. You can email me at gavin.edwards@southwark.gov.uk

PS: If you live in another part of Peckham Rye Ward and the speed of traffic is also a concern, get in touch. We may be able to help you get your own scheme going.


  1. As a Ivydale Road resident until last October, who was heavily involved in the lobbying that resulted in the 'pinch points', I am delighted to see the new Labour councillors making such an impact on this. Our upstairs flat used to shake with the vibration from the 343 buses at night as they played their game of 'beat the previous driver to the terminus at New Cross Gate or vice versa.

    I wish you a lot of luck with this, I still think that average speed cameras and the complete removal of humps would be the best thing all round, but I was told the council policy was against these...but that was the old Lib Dem days and this is now.