1 April 2011

A council meeting that you'll want to go to..?

Changes to the way local council meetings are conducted are coming to Southwark. For too long Southwark Council Assembly meetings have lacked the kind of spark that would engage local people in the important decisions which are made at these meetings. It's hoped that some changes to the way they are run will get people more interested and provide an opportunity for a more direct say in what is discussed.
So from now on, Peckham Rye residents are able to have a more direct say in the agenda of these meetings which. The deadline for submitting questions to the 6th April council meeting has passed (I know, I should have posted this earlier) but there will be plenty of opportunities to submit questions to council meetings in the future.

We'll also be having "themed" meetings to try and get under the skin of some important local issues. Keep an eye on the council's democracy pages here for news on future meetings meeting and/or email democracy@southwark.gov.uk to find out more. There's also more news on this issue here.

The 6th April meeting starts at 7pm in Southwark Town Hall . The first theme is "the future for Southwark - rising to the community challenge." Anyone is welcome to come to the Town Hall from 6pm to see the meeting.

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