29 June 2011

Playground campaign success!

After a long campaign to build a new playground on Peckham Rye, we are delighted that the new playground is about to open.

As regular visitors to the Rye will know, the new playground has been in the pipeline for some time. However, back in August 2010, the Tory-Lib Dem Government ‘clawed back’ most of the funding for the project, leaving its future in doubt.

Following a lot of campaigning, it's great news that the funding needed to allow the new playground to go ahead has been secured.

The new playground will be more 'natural' than the old playground and it will be similar to the new Goose Green playground. It will also feature ‘water play’.
Your Councillors will be opening the playground in July – just in time for the school holidays.

During the election last year we made a promise to local residents that we would get the delayed playground sorted-out. We are delighted that despite Government cuts we have kept our promise.

We are also pleased that the bid for better changing rooms for local football teams has passed the first stage of the ‘Olympic Legacy Fund’ bidding process. We hope that there will be more investment on the Rye soon.

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  1. Please can have some proper seats I'm too old to sit on a broomstick.