4 January 2013

Peckham Rye (West) / East Dulwich Road / Nunhead Lane road works

This post is something of a public information notice about road works which are taking place in Peckham Rye very shortly.

Work will begin on Monday 7th January at the junction of Peckham Rye (West) and East Dulwich Road.  As many of you will know, this junction has been the scene of numerous road traffic accidents over the years and the council recently consulted on making changes which will improve safety and traffic flow. Works will also be taking place at the junction of Peckham Rye (East) and Nunhead Lane on the opposite side of the Common. 

During the works, which will be completed by 29th February, there will be four-way traffic lights with a "pedestrian phase" in operation. Clearly, it is likely that during the works there will be traffic disruption at the junctions and the surrounding area.

The main features of the works are:

- The introduction of a new right turn filter for eastbound traffic on East Dulwich Road

- Improving both junctions by linking them together with SCOOT

- The introduction of new advance stop lines on all arms of the junction to improve safety for cyclists

- The reduction of crossing distance for pedestrians at Peckham Rye / East Dulwich Road junction

- New audible feature for the visually impaired at Peckham Rye / East Dulwich Road junction

- The remarking of the box junction at Peckham Rye/East Dulwich road to make it enforceable under road traffic law

A notification letter is going out to all residents affected by this works, and who live close to the junctions.

The schedule for the works is as follows. 

Week 1
Remove central refuge island
Remove existing traffic signals

Week 2-4
Footway buildout works
Building pit boxes

Week 5-6
Reinstate new signals
Nunhaed Lane/Peckham Rye Junction

Week 7
Ducting work on footway

Week 8
Commissioning new controller, road marking works at Peckham Rye /East Dulwich Road junction

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