3 July 2013

A Community Walking Event - Organised by Nunhead American Radio

An important announcement from American comedian, proud Nunheader and host of Nunhead American Radio ("the only Radio Programme for Americans living in Nunhead"), Lewis Schaffer.  

Lewis and his team are organising "Nunhead Beats the Bounds - A Community Walking Event".  The event details are:

Saturday, 20th July 2013 at 2PM

Meeting Place: Corner Peckham Rye East and East Dulwich Road / Nunhead Lane, the southern side.Ending at: 4PM Nunhead Green.

In characteristically modest style, Lewis states that "Just as Americans discovered the Moon on July 20, 1969, so to Americans will discover Nunhead on July 20th, 2013." Although, you'll be pleased to hear the event is not limited to Americans only. 

According to Lewis "'Beating the bounds' is an ancient British tradition where the local people would come together to celebrate and demarcate the boundary of their parish."

He goes on "This day-long event will promote cohesion, show that all of Nunhead is in walking distance, and to define the shape of Nunhead for future generations."

And on "We will march from Peckham Rye to One Tree Hill, down Ivydale Road to Queens Road back up to Peckham Rye and around to Nunhead Green. Nunheaders young and old will pound the pavements, roads, trees and buildings with sticks. We will sing of Angels, William Blake, Queen Elizabeth, and Dr. Harold Moody, and the other residents and visitors of Nunhead."

And on "The procession will be headed by Lewis Schaffer, host of Nunhead American Radio, Richard Guard, Anna Crockatt and the Dulwich Ukulele Club with community representatives and religious organisations, non-religious and atheist community, the Gay and Lesbian communities, representatives of the many immigrant groups, and the constituent areas of Nunhead: Nunhead Village, Olde Nunhead, Nunhead Rye and Nunhead Heights.

And on "It is estimated it will take 2 hours to do the 4.5 miles culminating in an 'Event of Nunhead Unity' with music and comedy, picnics and food, on Nunhead Green. Nunhead Beats the Bounds will be inclusive, interfaith, multicultural yet very, very British."
I'm sure this will be a great community event which will get lots of local people together and, of course, solidify our special relationship with our American cousins.


  1. Fabulous. I shall bring my Humanist friends. Are Canadians allowed? And can we stop for beer everytime we see a pub?

  2. Canadians are more than welcome I'm sure!

    The Pub, well, Lewis is in charge, but he's an understanding gent.