8 April 2014

The 2014 Southwark Labour Manifesto

Just a quick note to highlight the Southwark Labour Manifesto ahead of the Council Elections on 22nd May. It's really important that the people running your council have clear vision of how to improve Southwark and the values that underpin that approach. This manifesto shows that Southwark Labour Party is all about making our borough a better, fairer place for the people who live here.   

Amongst Southwark Labour councillors, this document is seen as very important and will guide everything we do over the next four years (if elected!)  It is our opportunity to put in front of people a programme for change and to ask for endorsement.  That's why we were so determined to deliver on our manifesto from 2010, and why we will do so again.  

Since 2010 Southwark Labour Councillors have delivered on our promises.  This includes:
  • Free healthy school meals for all primary school children
  • A £1million-a-year Youth Fund to help young people with education, training and employment
  • Helping 1,500 find work as a direct result of our employment support programmes
  • and regeneration schemes since 2010
  • Freezing Council Tax for four years
  • Doubling the recycling rate (plus introducing food waste recycling)
  • Introducing the London Living Wage for all council staff and contractors
  • Nearly 400 new apprenticeships created
  • Halving the cost of meals on wheels
Highlights from the 2014 Labour manifesto are below.  We will...
  • Make swimming and gym use free for all residents in Southwark – the first council in the country to do so 
  • Build more homes of every kind including 11,000 new council homes
  • Support 5,000 local people into work and create 2,000 new apprenticeships
  • Guarantee education, employment or training for every school leaver in Southwark
  • Build 2 new community nurseries and invest in our children’s centres to deliver more quality affordable childcare
  • Keep council rents and council tax low
There is lots more, so make sure you take a look at the full document here.  

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