23 March 2010

Local Lib Dem Councillor joins Labour - fed up with Lib Dems' failures

We spend a lot of time on Peckham Rye doorsteps and in our leaflets and letters telling people about the Lib Dems' failed administration and the many terrible policies they have pursued in our area. Some people probably take what we say with a pinch of salt 'Well you would say that wouldn't you' sort-of-thing.

So who better to set out the Lib Dems' failures than a Southwark Lib Dem councillor!

Today, Cllr Ade Lasaki resigned as a Lib Dem councillor and joined the Labour Party. In his resignation letter to Lib Dem leader Nick Stanton, Cllr Lasaki cited many themes we often hear on the doorsteps - a failure to sort out social housing and the right wing polices the Lib Dems have chosen to pursue in coalition with the Tories:

"By handing over control of our housing management to a Tory councillor you have done nothing to improve our housing service and as a result many of my most needy and vulnerable constituents have seen their housing service deteriorate.

"Week after week I have met constituents in my weekly surgery who have terrible housing problems, which I have no doubt, as someone who has been in the tenants movement for 25 years, are attributable to the policies which you have been pursuing."

Cllr Lasaki also says that the Lib Dem-led administration has been unwilling to allow criticism by its own members at cross-party scrutiny meetings: "On too many occasions as a member of the overview and scrutiny committee I do not feel that I have been allowed to challenge the executive and have been expected to be a mouthpiece for its policies."

Pretty damning stuff. And you don't have to take it from us. Take it from Cllr Lasaki, a well-respected and hardworking Lib Dem who has now joined Labour.

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