14 November 2010

Another Bog Standard Update

Many local residents may well be wondering what is happening with the previously proposed development of the toilet block near the junction of Peckham Rye and East Dulwich Road. Before Renata, Victoria and I were even elected as councillors, this had become quite a lively issue. I recently asked officers at the council what is going on, because nothing appeared to be happening with the block.

Well, since the last update, this is what has happened:

1. The last proposed tenant - a not-for-profit gallery offering outreach programmes to local schools and groups - dropped out of the process without having made the required planning application.

2. The property is now under offer to a new proposed tenant. They run a children's nursery and wish to expand.

3. They have already made a planning application for a change of use.

4. We are currently waiting for a formal decision from development control so that the lease can proceed.

I'll update again here as soon as I have further news.

Speaking to local residents most people have told us that they support the building having a community use, being used by a local group or it being returned to use as a toilet - as long as it doesn't encroach on the green space around it.


  1. Why can't you keep it as a toilet?

  2. There are many with walking difficulties who would like to spend some time in the open, but there being no toilets near do not come.

  3. Anon - I think I'm right in saying that the original reason for it being closed down was due to cost. Obviously, the council's financial position has become much tighter since then. The last proposal (to re-open the building as a gallery) did include them allowing people to use their toilet facilities. I doubt that this will be possible if the building is going to be used as a nursery.

  4. we should leave it until finances improve then, that nursery won't move once your finances improve, and we lose public toilets at the same time

  5. A nursery at the junction of those busy roads? Tiny children subject to the fallout from all those fumes - is this for real?

  6. I'm wondering if its the nursery that was denied barry road clearance recently?

  7. Anon1 - I think the disposal of this building is a small part of the solution to the current financial situation, so it's not really an option to wait for things to improve. Just to clarify, the building is currently not being used for anything. I also think some people would welcome a nursery. It's not necessarily a bad thing. We need more detail, which I'm currently waiting for.

    Anon 2 - Hmmmm. We live in London. I'm not sure there would be many nurseries around if "fumes" were an issue. Lots of residential properties are based around the same area. However, I think extra traffic pressure on that junction would not be welcome, so, as I mention above, I'm waiting for some more detail.

    Anon 3 - It's possible, but I don't have the name of the moment.