4 May 2010

5 reasons to vote for Peckham Rye Labour on Thursday

1. We live here. Labour is the only one of the main parties standing candidates who actually live in Peckham Rye. We'll be around to pick up on local issues and campaign for our area after the elections, not hiding away in the town hall.

2. We'll extend the 63 Bus to Honor Oak Park. Having three councillors who have consistently campaigned for the extension of the 63 bus to Honor Oak Park will put more pressure on Boris and TfL. Also, if we have a Labour controlled council, Southwark can become an active supporter of the campaign, instead of sitting on its hands as it has done under the Lib Dems and Tories.

3. It will help improve Southwark Council services. If Labour gets enough councillors elected on Thursday, we can end the Lib Dem-Tory Alliance which has made Southwark officially the worst council in inner London. Southwark has the 3rd worst council tax collection in England and the 6th worst recycling rate. Labour has a positive plan to improve services and get Southwark back on track.

4. We'll deliver for Peckham Rye Park and Common: We have secured a commitment in Southwark Labour's Manifesto to "turn the plans for a new One O'Clock Club and changing rooms and pitches for local teams into a reality." This means that if the residents of Southwark elect a Labour council, we guarantee that this too-long-delayed redevelopment with actually be delivered

5. We're top quality candidates! Slightly big-headed I know, but the day before an election is no time for false modesty. We believe that the three Peckham Rye Labour candidates are simply the best people to do the job. Many local people have told us how impressed they are with our knowledge of local issues and our tireless campaigning. We've taken the time to learn the detail, and we have the abilities needed to be excellent councillors.

What more is there to say? For a better Peckham Rye, please cast all three votes for your three local Labour candidates on Thursday.

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